Plotting by Haiku

Greetings and Salutations!

Thank you for your patience with my absence. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around quite a few things, including the passing of my coauthor on The Stolen Songbird due to a rare form of cancer. Now I make the journey alone.

After months of stagnation and self-doubt, I followed my college professor, Steven Goldsberry’s, advice and returned to poetry, more specifically Haiku, to get back into the writing game.

Then on seeing a post on Chris, the Story Reading Ape’s blog about Instagram for Authors, I decided to use that for my accountability. A haiku a day, photographed and posted for all to see. I’ve photographed 21 so far, and written over 40.

But instead of just writing poetry, I’ve been using it to plot scenes. Each scene in seventeen syllables. Each haiku a teaser for my upcoming cybersteam thriller The Superspy with the Clockwork Eye. And it’s working. The excitement is coming back.

Here are a couple of examples:Superspy 1Superspy 7

Superspy 19So if you’re stuck. If you’re blocked. If your head’s a mess and you don’t know how to climb out of the hole. Seventeen syllables can bring back the joy. Give it a shot.

Now, I’m off to crash a dirigible. See you soon!

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2 thoughts on “Plotting by Haiku

  1. Where does one purchase dirigible insurance ?

  2. Flybynight does a bang up job!

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