Can You Have Too Much Worldbuilding?

I had such a great time tag teaming with Kirsten and Emily at the world building panel. Kirsten found some interesting articles after the panel that are worth sharing! Take it away, Kirsten!


Last weekend at Clockwork Alchemy, I participated in a worldbuilding panel with the amazing Dover Whitecliff of The Stolen Songbird and Emily Thompson of the Clockwork Twist series. I confess I fell on the more laissez faire side of worldbuilding – I want my readers to easily be able to see the stage my characters walk upon, but I don’t go in for creating new languages or the convoluted worksheets charting the evolution of my world’s politics.

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Then I came across the below video on worldbuilding. It has has triggered some hot responses online, but I think it poses an interesting question. Can there be too much worldbuilding?

For me, “too much” of anything is where I start to skim. But I recognize that one person’s skimable paragraph is another man’s treasure.

Nerdwriter seems to argue that particularly in the age of cross-media storytelling (book + TV + internet, etc.)…

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3 thoughts on “Can You Have Too Much Worldbuilding?

  1. In my humble opinion, and I’ve read the odd one or two fantasy novels there can be too much world building. Especially if it’s just one book. At least with a huge series you can spread it all out.

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