Pride and Putting it Out There.

What an absolutely awesome thing to do… Have to share these girls’ giving spirit and sense of wonder. Huzzah the Welsh! Must figure out how to do something like that here…


I just paid a very rare visit to facebook and saw this.

Please share: My sister is going to be in Llandudno 25th April giving out free hugs… WAT!!! I hear you say?? or is that just what I said when I heard her say it… but when she explained her reasons for doing such a thing I understood… this isn’t for any charity, or craze or a publicity promotion it is just one person willing to put her self out there to see if she can make a difference to at least one person and like she says if all you do is come and point and laugh… then at least she made you laugh. I for one am very proud of her,xxx

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The reason I’m sharing this with you is my pride in my  niece who is doing this. Everyone will know how I feel about my…

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2 thoughts on “Pride and Putting it Out There.

  1. Thanks so much for re-blogging this.Maybe someone else will see it and think it a good idea and it will spread. What a beautiful day that will be with people hugging across the world.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  2. Please let the girls know to take pictures…maybe if we spread the hugs, they’ll be a better viral than some of the viral goop that’s out there!

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