…thanks for the trigger for the Post, m’Lady, Barbara Laffin…

Thanks, Seumas and Barbara. Inspiration is an awesome, powerful and amazing thing. Sometimes it’s hard to hear it through the white noise, but wow…when it hits… Today’s inspirations for work needed are: The Phantom of the Opera, the movie Ronin, Robin Hood, Lorde’s Glory and Gore, Two Steps From Hell’s Icarus, Doc Savage and the Phantom (the other one in Purple). Can’t wait to find out what kind of soup comes from those ingredients! Thank you both for being AWESOME!

Seumas Gallacher

…many a jest has spawned some serious discussion.. my great Facebook pal, Barbara Laffin and I constantly exchange banter, and yesterday, this appeared on her wall:

From Barbara Laffin: “A question to my literary friends…… in that, I mean you bug*ers who read/write books…… who inspires you??”


…it got me thinking about it, coz it’s not sum’thing I’d focused on before… my instant response was, “these days, anything and everything…. I just LUV IT! the whole feckin nine yards of it… the entire package…thinking of story  ideas, getting them into form, then the SOSYAL NETWURKS gig…with all its bells and whistles and pals”… further to that, yeez may be surprised to learn that there was no specific person to whom I can point as the catalyst for my scribbling… as many of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land who honour me by following this wee blog’ll be aware…

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