…10 reasons why yeez might be a Writer or a Blogger if…

A fool proof test to know if you are a writer… 🙂 Thank you, Seumas!!!

Seumas Gallacher


…this ol’ Jurassic has opined on here often enuff before now that I believe that if yeez scribble just oneWURD of writing or blogging, then yeez are already a Writer or a Blogger… however, should there ever be a need to determine further that exalted condition, consider this… yeez might be an Author or a Writer if :

1. …yeez have frequent committee meetings in yer head amongst yer imaginary characters,

2. …yeez realise these imaginary personages seldom listen to, or follow, what yeez want them to do in yer masterpieces,

3. …yeez initially followed other quill-scrapers’ advice to ‘get involved in theSOSYAL NETWURKS’, and now these’ve taken over vast slugs of yer waking hours,

4. …yeez can often be seen stopping dead in yer tracks in places such as supermarkets, and muttering aloud, ‘ah, yes!’, then pulling scraps of paper from yer pockets with…

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2 thoughts on “…10 reasons why yeez might be a Writer or a Blogger if…

  1. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas full of dreams come true.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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