…Authors, it costs yeez NUTHIN to dream…

What an awesome post….. Thank you, Seumas! Dreaming makes us what we are!

Seumas Gallacher


…the trusty Webster’s Dictionary offers several meanings for the WURD, ‘dream’… my favourites of the nouns for it are these: an aspiration… a goal… an aim… and in the active verb style: to form in the imagination… as a child (which I once was, Mabel, albeit about a hundred years ago), more time than I care to admit sum’times, was spent in rapt clouds of fancy… the early black and white serial reels at the Saturday matinee cinema shows provided much ammunition for the reveries… before Yoda and his mates invaded the movie WURLD, entranced I was with the notion of Cowboy-ing on the Rio Grande… transfixed I was with my alter ego fighting war heroes a la Purple-Heart-bedeckedAudie Murphy… convinced I was of being cloned as the next Flash Gordon interstellar space traveller… nowadays, the…

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