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For those that like the challenge or who are having one of those days where no thoughts are coming to mind, an idea generator and fifteen minutes can either warm you up, or start a whole new world! Thanks, Jen Danger!

Jen Danger Writes

Let me introduce you to an idea generator. All you need is a die. Roll twice for who, and once for every other category. You can then write a short piece based on your result.


So, for example, I roll 2, 6, 2, 5, and 4. I could then try to write a story about how an asylum seeker bumped into a millionaire when they were both admitted to hospital at the same time, which resulted in an important decision, that will affect both of their futures. Try to give your story a little depth. Name your characters. Here’s an unedited excerpt from my attempt:

As I do every morning, I started my day in prayer. I thanked God for allowing me to escape the war, I asked for the safety of my parents and friends still in Syria. I forgave those who want to hurt me, and I blessed…

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4 thoughts on “Idea Generator

  1. Thanks for reblogging! Glad you liked it! Jen

  2. Clever idea.
    xxx Hugs xxx

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