…is Literature just a load of crepuscular?… great Guest Post from Author Kevin Brennan… #TBSU…

Wonderful guest post on Seumas’ blog today. I love language. Every time I get to pick up a dictionary and learn a new word from a fantastic story, my squee factor goes up to a billion. Don’t be afraid to bring that joy to a reader. Even if like me, you’ve had someone chew you out at work for using ‘ubiquitous’ in an email at work when it was the best word for what needed to be said just because the coworker was unwilling to open the internet and look it up, don’t let it stop you from striving to find the right word to use in your writing.

I’m at Clockwork Alchemy this weekend, sitting at a table among the most wonderful and friendly and knowledgeable authors who (just like Seumas and the author of this post) want to tell a story and share a dream (squeeeee to the infinity, among them is the amazing Harry Turtledove…heart pounding when I plucked up the courage to ask him to sign my copy of The Two Georges). I suppose the author of the review that spawned the article below would call writers alley here at the con elitest, but I am proud and awed to be in such generous, wonderful, and mentoring company. So here’s to picking up the dictionary. Hope you enjoy the post! Thank you Seumus and Kevin for bringing up the topic!

Seumas Gallacher

…here’s a ‘thinking’ piece Guest Post from my pal, Author Kevin Brennan… thanks for coming aboard, that man…


Yes, literature is elitist… thank God!

A while back, Salon’s Laura Miller asked the musical question, “Is the literary world elitist?”

My short answer? Yes.

Because it’s supposed to be. The word “literary” has a certain connotation, after all. In fact, the first definition of it in my dictionary says, “Concerning the writing, study, or content of literature, esp. of the kind valued for quality of form.” A few synonyms include: scholarly, learned, poetic, artistic, intellectual, cultured, erudite, and highbrow. Oh, and “bluestocking.” (Not sure what that is…)

Anyway, yes. The literary world is by definition elitist, but to my mind there’s nothing wrong with elitism. If we pretend to care about quality and cutting-edge, then it figures (to me, anyway) that elites in the various fields of endeavor —…

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5 thoughts on “…is Literature just a load of crepuscular?… great Guest Post from Author Kevin Brennan… #TBSU…

  1. I read this over on Seumas’ site. An interesting piece indeed.

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