On Continuity in Creative Writing

I had a post in my head for this very subject for this week…but the Crimson League beat me to it with much more style and finesse… Wow. Just wow…Enjoy!

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

diary-srb-1118480-m One necessary component of engrossing, readable fiction is always cohesiveness: and today, as I edit “The Crimson League” for its second edition release this Autumn, I am thinking more and more about the role continuity plays in cohesiveness.

There are so many forms and levels of continuity. A large part of editing–not the whole, certainly, but a large chunk–involves keeping track of and maintaining, or improving, continuity. You could dedicate an editing pass or two JUST to continuity issues. And that’s what I want to discuss today: continuity issues.

What are the major things we authors can look out for as we edit a draft for continuity?


Personality cohesiveness–asking yourself, “would this character, believably, say or do these things?”–is a different issue. I am talking more basic, surface-level things here.

  • Does a character’s eye color change from scene to scene?
  • Does a character, mid-scene, shift from…

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2 thoughts on “On Continuity in Creative Writing

  1. You certainly have to keep an eye on your characters, they’ll change on you. 🙂

  2. Absolutely… I had one switch from a genteel lady of quality to superspy when I turned my back…

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