… ‘Time Was…’ …TBSU…

I’ve never actually reblogged before, but Seamus’ poem is too beautiful to pass by. Enjoy!

Seumas Gallacher

…I’m sure that tons of yeez Lads and Lassies out there in the virtual Candle-lit Garret universe will understand that just sum’times there’s absolutely no accounting for the whimsy that takes us… p’raps it’s part of the Quill-Scrapers Union membership requirements… to throw sum’thing a bit different into the mixer… my novels are kinda heavy-duty smacking good guys and bad guys around, with multiple blowings-up, and myriad methods of terminating peoples’ breathing (murders and such, Mabel)… the blog is generally reserved for the (supposedly) lighter-veined, humorous sprinklings… so today, I was riffling through some old files and came across a collection of some dust-covered sheets of  poetry I wrote ‘way back when… I offer this one here as NUTHIN more than a sop to my own personal whimsy… if yeez enjoy it, that’s just grand… if yeez don’t, that’s okay too, but please don’t complain about it on Facebook or…

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